Announcing Numidian Software

It’s been 3 years since I’ve launched Sqlify and things have gone pretty well so far, but unfortunately I wasn’t been able to reach the goal that I set myself this year, which was to become financially independent (a.k.a ramen profitability) with the revenue of my own products.

I think that Sqlify still has a lot of room to grow, so starting next year, I plan on moving full-time into maintaining Sqlify and building some new high-quality products that can help me achieve my goal.

With that said, I am excited to announce that I am launching an umbrella brand called Numidian, and as of today, all my new products will be published under this name.

I’ll be bootstrapping Numidian and all its products with my own savings, so I won’t be accepting any investment for now.

There’s no exit strategy and my goal is not to grow a massive company or “change the world”, but to build high-quality products that my customers are happy with, while providing me with money to live a good life.

I’ve been pretty open in the past about metrics such as revenue, users and traffic, and this will continue to be the same, I’ll be publishing a public dashboard with revenue metrics soon on this website.

It will be an interesting journey, so I am planning on sharing a lot more of what happens behing the scenes with the business, and hopefully inspire other folks to to the same!

For existing customers, Sqlify is now rebranding to Numidian Convert, everything else should stay the same (please reach out if you have any questions). And if you haven’t seen it yet, you also might want to check out our biggest product update yet here!

While you’re here, I’d also like to announce that Numidian’s second product will be launching in the no-code space early next year :)

Follow me on Twitter for updates: @moboudra

For the curious, a Numidian is a person from Numidia, an ancient Amazigh kingdom located in North Africa, which is part of my heritage.