How to easily convert CSV to SQL

Converting CSV to SQL has never been easier with SQLify, all you need to do is: select your data, then press a button and just like magic, you’ve got your data as SQL! 🎉

In this post we’ll be outlining the steps require to convert yout files in case there’s still any doubt.

Step 1

The first step is to upload the CSV data that you want to convert.

First, you can upload your data uploading a file, this is the recommended method for large files:

upload CSV file

If your file is hosted somewhere in teh internets, you can also provide a URL, obviously, it needs to be publicly accesible. This option also supports public Google Spreadhseets.

upload CSV URL

And the last option, if your data is so small that you can jut copy it in your clipboard, you can also paste it here:

upload raw CSV data

Step 2

The second step is to select the SQL output option and press the big green Convert button! Easy as pie.

We will automatically detect that your file is CSV and wether the first line contains the headers or not.

convert button

Step 3

Wait for a few seconds for SQLify to process your data and you’ll see this page, with your SQL script available for download.

Note how we automatically detect the types and length of your data to make a schema.

sql result

Now you can download this file and import it into any database, the output format is compatible with SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL and any other major standard SQL database.

Go ahead and convert CSV to SQL!

Got any feedback? Let us know in the comments!